Oyuna Academy of Music

Oyuna Borjigin - PhD, MMus, BMus (Hons) is a classical pianist, music researcher and educator who has spent the last decade studying interpretation and analysis of piano repertoire of late eighteenth century and Asian music performance. She received her PhD in Music and Master of Piano Performance at the University of New South Wales in 2016 and 2011, before obtaining Bachelor of Music (Honours Class One) in China Conservatorium of Music (2005-2009).


"I believe every student can improve their ability to interpret and understand a piece of music." - Oyuna Borjigin. 


Some Testimonials —


Jenny, parent, Melbourne:

"Oyuna has been such a wonderful teacher and my son is really enjoying her lessons."


Cassie, student, Melbourne:

"Oyuna is a great teacher who helps me gain an insightful knowledge on music analysis so I can understand music on another level. It is amazing that she teaches in such an interesting way which helps me enjoy music and understands music at the same time. Her lesson is fun, enjoyable and worthwhile! You will definitely learn something useful with her teaching. Huge thank you to Oyuna!"


Kelly, parent, Sydney:

"My daughter has developed a passion for learning how to play the piano, read and create music after taking Oyuna’s lessons. Oyuna’s teaching style keeps my daughter focused while enjoying every class."


Zuzana Lenartova, Founder and Director of Piano Promise:

"I have had a pleasure of working with Oyuna for over ten years as a former managing director of Eastern Suburbs Piano Tuition and currently Piano Promise. Oyuna is a highly qualified music educator and an experienced piano teacher, wonderful with students and parents. I have received much positive feedback regarding Oyuna’s teaching skills, her warm personality and the great results she has achieved with her students. I greatly valued Oyuna’s high professionalism, passion for teaching and her friendly manners. She is a teacher who has the gift of making learning the piano rewarding and enjoyable at the same time."